Fact Sheet

Developer & Publisher:

Zillo Games

Release date:

20th of May 2024

Windows PC

Game Type:

Genre: Roguelite Twin-Stick dungeon crawler
Perspective: 2D top-down
Art style: Pixel art
Atmosphere: Dark cartoon


Business Inquiries: zillogames@hotmail.com


Margoq’s Lair is a 2D top-down roguelite twin-stick dungeon crawler, where you combine magic into powerful spells, find mythical loot and gain powerful blood upgrades to defeat the fierce minions of Margoq – and the evil wizard himself.


You are Prince Harald, Son of King Storm, and you find yourself imprisoned by Margoq – King Storm’s former right hand who’s now gone rogue. Escape the dungeons before it is too late to save your kingdom!


  • Combine magic with the unique dynamic casting combat system.
  • Procedurally generated dungeons, items, curses and upgrades makes for a highly replayable experience.
  • Play as one of the four deadly classes: the wise Sorcerer, the versatile Elementalist, the noble Ember Knight and the brutal Viking Warrior.
  • Fight hordes of monsters, mini-bosses and epic bosses.