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Developer & Publisher: Zillo Games
Release date: TBA (2024)
Genre: Roguelike hack’n’slash dungeon crawler
Perspective: 2D top-down
Art style: Pixel art
Atmosphere: Dark cartoon

About Margoq’s Lair

Margoq’s Lair is a 2D top-down roguelike hack’n’slash dungeon crawler, where the player combines abilities and magic into powerful attacks to defeat the fierce minions of Margoq – the evil wizard.

Escape 20 floors full of woeful enemies and deadly traps, without dying even once, as death is permanent.

Randomly generated dungeons, player profiles, items and ability options makes for a highly replayable experience.

About Zillo Games

Zillo Games is an independent game studio, based in Helsingør, Denmark. Behind the studio is the solo developer Mathias Zillo Christiansen, 33, who has been developing small hobby games since the age of 11. Margoq’s Lair is the first professional title for PC being developed and released by Mathias and Zillo Games.


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